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Engineering Shared Environment (ESE)

Supporting the College of Engineering in Research Services, Fiscal Services, and Financial Accounting. Engineering Shared Environment (ESE) partners with departments and institutions to increase productivity and compliance through a shared support model driven by exceptional customer service.

ESE Mission Statement

A commitment to shared success is at the heart of our university’s pursuit of excellence. Our Engineering Shared Environment is dedicated to fostering a collaborative setting where each department can thrive. By centralizing essential functions like fiscal activities, financial activities, and compliance, we not only streamline processes but also unlock efficiencies and harness the collective expertise of our diverse team. We look to better refine and standardize operations through knowledge sharing and robust feedback loops.

Our mission is to empower every corner of the college by providing top-notch, reliable support services. We take pride in being the backbone that enables our academic and administrative partners to focus on their core missions: educating future leaders, advancing research, and enriching our global community.

ESE Cultural Statement

The College of Engineering’s shared environment is a hive of activity where passion for customer service meets a relentless drive for results. We pride ourselves on being customer-focused and committed to understanding and fulfilling the needs of each engineering department with agility and precision. Results are not just an expectation; they are our standard.

In our inclusive and vibrant culture, we celebrate the diversity of our team and leverage our collective strengths to innovate and improve constantly. Every member of our staff is a critical player in our mission to deliver top-tier services, and we encourage a workplace that buzzes with energy, ideas, and a shared dedication to the success of our academic community.

Together, we are building a legacy of excellence, accountability, and responsiveness that defines the gold standard for university support services.

ESE current wait times:


5 business days


5 business days

Non-Employee Payment

5 business days

Purchase & Invoicing

3 business days


3 business days

Research & Accounting

3 business days